MgA. Jiří Zykmund – artist, photographer, cameraman, he is mainly devoted to production of documentary films.

Born in Litomeřice in 1975, now living and working in Brno and in Prague. Jiří studied SUPS in Brno (study program Photography, 1990-1995 ), then at FAMU in Prague (study program Camera, 1996-2002) He was devoted to pedagogical activities in VOSG in Jihlava in 2005-2009 and also studied at Multimedia Art College.

Jiří worked as a D.O.P. on production of following feature films presented in cinemas:

Sunrise supervising (2014, directed by Pavel Göbl)
Mám ráda nudný život (2010, directed by Jan Gogola)
Bye bye Shanghai  (2006, directed by Jana Boková)
4 things  (2006, Deníky Babičky Němcové, directed by Jan Gogola)
Ničeho nelituji  (2003, directed by Theodora Remundová)

and also participated in the creation of many documentary films broadcasted in ČT.